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Hi hi! Thanks for visiting my little piece of the dot com world. For those of you who followed me on Sisters Marie over the years, it's nice to see you again! If you're new here, I'm SO happy to have you and get to know you better. There's a million and one blogs out there, so thank you for taking the time to get to know a little more about me. I'm a 30-something gal trying to live her best life in the suburbs of Chicago (and Wisconsin on as many weekends as possible!). I am not trying to re-invent the wheel with Kait Lately...I am just sharing my personal experience with everything from Motherhood to marriage, fashion to fitness and all of life's best/worst moments in between. This year, I began my mission to simplify as many aspects of my life as possible and look forward to detailing my trials and tribulations on that journey. Thanks for riding along with me!

Want to know a little bit more? Here's 5 random facts...
1. My FAVORITE food is sandwiches: Yep, I'm serious. Me and Joey Tribbiani. It may sound basic on the surface but when you think about it, there are ENDLESS combinations you can make so it never gets boring and it always seems like the perfect comfort meal...pair it with salad in the summer and a hearty soup in the winter, but always make sure it includes avocado (and chips in the middle for a crunch). That's how I roll!
2. I HAVE to sleep with a fan: I grew up sleeping with a fan which now means I don't know how to sleep without one. I spent multiple nights in hotel rooms on work trips, staring at the clock or tossing and turning because it was dead silence and it absolutely kills me. To eliminate this issue, I purchased a travel fan (which takes up half the room in my suitcase) but it is so comforting to have with me. Anyone else like sleeping with noise? 

3. Half of my heart lives in Wisconsin: My Family has owned our lake house near Lake Geneva for over 20 years now and it isn't just one of those places we visit once or twice over the Summer and then pack up for the year. It's our home - One where Winters spending hours by the fire on lazy Sundays and Summer means packing lunches for the boat by day and telling stories over s'mores by night. We have made so many of our best memories here and I feel so lucky to have a place so special that it's hard every time we say goodbye. P.S. I've also met such a FUN group of creative, business-minded Wisco gals through Instagram...Find out more about all of them by searching #lakesareagirlboss.

4. I stay sane through hot yoga and running: I've enjoyed running most of my adult life but didn't think I would take it any further than a few miles every day just to stay in shape UNTIL one of my best friends convinced me to run a half marathon with her last year. I never imagined being able to do something like that and I am beyond proud of myself for crossing that finish line. I also started practicing yoga a few years ago and now consider my hot yoga studio to be a huge part of my happiness. The second I walk through the door, I can breathe easier and let's be honest, the peppermint lavender hot towels after class are worth it alone.

5. Iced coffee ALL YEAR LONG: Yep, it's true - It can be negative 5 degrees out (which is just another day here in Chicago) and I'm still in that Starbucks line waiting for my iced latte with almond milk. I love the SMELL of hot coffee (and all coffee in general) but there's something about the cold stuff that just puts a smile on my face. On the same note, I go to Sbux. mostly out of convenience because it's right next to my office but I get my TRUE coffee fix from a few non-chain java shops which I could talk about all day, and probably will in a future post. Shout out to Brewpoint and their iced lavender latte!

Thanks for reading! See you on the blog :)

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