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As a Mom, one of the things that has taken a backseat is my beauty and skincare routine. Before I had my son, I didn't realize how much free time I had. I thought it was normal to take a long shower, lollygag in my towel (while mindlessly scrolling Instagram), blow dry my hair, use my wand to create the perfect waves and still have time to apply a full face of makeup and pick out an outfit. These days, I shower right before bed so my hair air dries with its own personality and I run errands or go most places with zero makeup on and a 2-day old pair of shorts - We're talking eyebrows not even done, which is a cardinal sin in my book!

What I'm trying to say is, I'm tired...a lot. And while I've definitely learned to live on less sleep, I still miss having that time to take the best care of myself. Luckily, the world of beauty is basically built on the idea of Mom's losing sleep (and sanity) and comes to our rescue over and over again. My latest superhero is VIIcode, an oxygen eye mask to be worn as an 8-hour overnight treatment while you're sleeping. I love trying all kinds of face masks, so this had me intrigued from the start, but it is different than your typical sheet mask because the VIICode eye pads are actually made of a gel-like substance which has an immediate cooling and refreshing affect when placed on my skin. They are unobtrusive, so I wear them under my glasses and go about my normal pre-bed routine. 

The only thing is, some nights I don't feel in the mood for sleeping in them and if you run into the same issue, you can wear them for 2-4 hours during the day and still achieve the desired effect. One night after I got the baby to sleep, I put the mask on and sat on our deck with my laptop for a little blogging session complete with my favorite Spotify playlist and a glass of wine. It was a warm, humid night so wearing the mask made it feel like I was experiencing a mini facial while getting some work done. I'd say that's multi-tasking at its finest! 

Each box comes with 6 packets and you use the eye masks 2-3 times per week. The VIIcode website says that a full treatment would typically consist of three boxes but even after finishing the one box the team graciously sent me, I felt like the bags under my eyes had started to subside and more than anything, my skin felt SO soft which is most important to me. Sometimes, I just put them on for a few hours while I listen to a podcast or read a book because they feel so nice on my skin and it makes my "me time" even more relaxing which is really all I can ask for these days.

What are your favorite skincare products?
Let me know if you try these out!

This post is in partnership with VIIcode. As always, opinions are entirely my own. 
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