The Comeback Kid

Hi, guys!

It's been over two months since I wrote a blog post. Two months since I shot an outfit of the day. Two months since I let words flow through my fingers, decorating the screen with my thoughts, pinpointing a small moment in time. I'll be honest with you -- The break has been nice. Really nice. I welcomed it with open arms, the chance to put anything in my life on pause because every day seems to be powered by the fast forward button. I've always kept a hectic schedule but since Ronan was born six months ago, the pace has doubled and some days, I'm just working on breaking even.

But one thing hasn't changed, and that's my need for an outlet -- A space of my own, because much of my life isn't about me anymore and I could use a place to come to when I have 5 minutes to breathe. Besides, I enjoy the process of blogging: Content creation, shooting and editing photos, writing a story that engages the community, whether that ends up being one or many of you. It was so much fun to be a part of Sisters Marie. For six years, Lisa and I shared bits and pieces of our lives, both the parts we enjoyed together and our individual defining moments. I felt lucky to have a partner by my side, because the blogging world can tend to be a little intimidating, especially when it's fashion focused which is where our content largely lived. But there's something to be said about finding your own voice and having the freedom to change things up at any given moment.

I no longer find the blogging world to be so daunting and a big part of that is becoming comfortable with what I want this space to be. For so long, I found myself stuck in the comparison game, thinking if we could just accomplish this or achieve that, we could be something bigger and better. But I didn't even know what THAT was...I was reaching for something that I couldn't even define and for what? I just feel mentally exhausted thinking about what blogging has become. I'm not here just to tell you swipe up to shop sixteen times a day. I'm not here to only share the "edited" version of my life. I'm not here to turn this blog into a career. And I'm certainly not here to try and match what somebody else is going. Quite the opposite this time around, actually...

If you're sticking with me through the transition from Sisters Marie, it will be a bit different here, but no less filled with passion. There will be less structure -- Posts as they come to mind instead of set days of the week. "Daily life" photos (most likely shot with my iPhone), less over-edited images and therefore, versions of myself. The way I see it, if the blog contributes to any additional pressure and stress, it's no longer serving a purpose in my life. Without sounding blunt, I want to write WHAT I want to write, when I want to write it. I give so much of my time to others (namely, a tiny little man that has my heart) so I need to be selfish here. With that said, I still plan on sharing the same kind of content, just on my own terms. Style, Motherhood, marriage, design inspo (stay tuned!) fitness, wellness, mindfulness and simplifying my life...something I'm working on a big way, starting with Kait Lately. And if there's anything YOU want to chat about or see in particular, let me know... I want to hear your thoughts.

I'm looking forward to this new adventure. It's still a work in progress, much like myself, so be patient with me. You can find me here in the days to come and I hope to see you around because we have a lot to talk about... xx



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